It’s got whales, it’s got waves, and it’s got Justine Curgenven’s unique storytelling touch. It’s also got an unusual price tag: whatever you think it is worth.

Curgenven’s latest sea kayaking film showcases the Bay of Fundy, located on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine between the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. “‘Bay of Fundy Fun’ is a 20-minute film highlighting some of the Bay of Fundy’s best play spots,” says Curgenven. “There’s the chocolate-milk rapids of the Shubie River, a meaty hole called the Walton Whopper and some fantastic underwater shots of kayaking inches from humpback whales.”

As for how she’s selling the film, Curgenven is trying something new. “I’m experimenting with what people are prepared to pay for a film,” says the Welsh filmmaker. She set a nominal fee of £4.99 ($8.15) for a digital download, and encouraged people to pay whatever they feel the film is worth. So far most have paid £4.99, one paid £10, and one paid £0.99. A few have paid between £2-£3.

“I’m happy with every sale and I think it might turn out to be a good way of doing things!” says Curgenven.

Click here to download a copy of Bay of Fundy Fun.

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Bay of Fundy

Justine Curgenven at Deception Pass, Washington. Photo: Kirk Mastin