JetBoil Sol Ti System: $149.95

Jetboil Sol Titanium Premium Cooking System. If my buddy doesn't bring me a cup, I brew my own cup of coffee while still in my bag, leaning out the front door and firing up the JetBoil. Some of us like to pre-empt (or obviate) the wait for camp coffee with a mini brew scene of our own. JetBoil is some clever, nesting, near instantaneous heating tech, that has everything you need all packed in the cup. The Sol Ti is their lightest iteration yet at a hair over half a pound.

Fave features are a fairly reliable Piezo lighter (although I still pack a Bic) and cup cozy with snap on tippy lid and bottom cover, so—boom—right off the bat and right off the heat—DONE—I'm rocking back in my Trekker Lounge, stirring in tons of honey and whitener, then taking a full half hour to sip that massive brew and consider the day. Both bottom cup and titanium cup have measure marks, great for freeze-dried. The complete cook system has a bunch of stuff, but the pot and cup, and then the fry pan are the big players and all you really need to do just about anything. Even if there's a group cook scene I take the cup with the stove nested inside to get the jump on morning. Getting dressed to stand out in the cold drinking cowboy coffee doesn't work for this cowboy.

So, when you're finished, slip the fuel canister, the stabilizer tripod and the stove itself right back into the cup—slip, slip, slip—it reminds me of loading a cannon, and that's a good thing. Highly recommended.