Iron X DXG 5G9V HD

The Iron X is the lowest-priced camera in our test sample, and it provides high-definition POV performance at the relatively affordable entry point of about $250. Producing decent HD footage, this iron in the fire comes with its included water housing good to 180 feet, but it doesn't have the bells and whistles offered by its competitors—though it does shoot full HD (1080p), and 720p at 60fps. The Iron X includes a remote-control wrist strap as well as WiFi compatibility.

Depth Rating: 180 feet
Lens: 170 degrees
Media: Micro SD card
Format: MP4
Resolutions: 1920x1080p at 30fps
Slo-Mo: 1280x720p at 60fps
Photo: 5mp single, burst, time-lapse


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pov camera pov camera pov camera