Integral Designs Wedge
3 lbs., 1P/3S, 24 sq ft

What sets this model apart from most bivys is interior space.  Ergonomically, bivys are the worst of shelters.  You have to literally crawl and slide in and out of them, and if it's raining, you will not likely be a happy camper during that process. Not intended for a base camp shelter in inclement conditions, they shine for provisional shelter, used only when conditions dictate or in dry settings.  I loved the big mesh panel over my head for fresh air and stargazing, and the two pole configuration did create a comfortable space.  You still can't sit up, but then it wouldn't be a bivy if you could.  The Wedge is a single wall structure, using highly breathable eVent fabric.  An optional vestibule is available that would benefit sea kayakers.  Two, low angle bent poles make setup easy (once you figure out how they fit inside the shelter) but the Wedge has virtually no lateral stability and will need staking out in any kind of wind.

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