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Twist i/ii
$499/$599 in LitePack single-coated rubber
L: 8'6"/11'9"; W: 30"/36"; 16/23 lbs.
In it's bag, the Twist is about the size of a sleeping bag stuff sack. The Twist is the perfect pack-in kayak for fishing and hunting. The LitePack fabric is comfortable, surprisingly durable, and PVC-free. Twists are vailable in camouflage as well as other colors, and as both a single or a double kayak. Complete with tracking fin.

Helios II EX
$899 in fully-coated Nitrylon rubber
L: 12.6'; W: 30"; 36 lbs.
For 6 years running, the Helios has been voted the "Best Inflatable Kayak" by readers of Sea Kayaker magazine. This double kayak is legal carry-on luggage packed standard in its drybag/backpack. Capable of sustained speeds of 3.7 knots, the Helios has an available foot-controlled rudder option.

Helios I EX
$749 in fully-coated Nitrylon rubber
L: 10'; W: 30"; 29 lbs.
This single version of the popular Helios II double comes in the same size drybag/backpack as its larger version. Like other Innova kayaks, this Helios' fabric is coated with a blend of environmentally-kind natural rubbers and is PVC –free. The optional rudder can also be fitted to the Helios I.

Sunny EX
$899 in fully-coated Nitrylon rubber
L: 12'7"; W: 30"; 34 lbs.
The Sunny can be setup either as a single or double by repositioning the seats and its included tracking fin. This open-deck kayak is versatile, comfortable, and fast. And like the other Innova models, the Sunny can be inflated with a simple manual air pump in about 5 minutes.

$799 in fully-coated Nitrylon rubber
L: 10'; W: 28"; 25 lbs.
Want capability? The adventurer Kira Salak paddled a Safari kayak 600 miles down the Niger River to Timbuktu, unassisted. The Safari is the most versatile solo kayak. Because of its self-bailing design, you can surf the Safari, tour with it, or take the skeg off and run Class III whitewater.