Immersion Research Klingon Spray Skirt

Photo by David Spiegel

Immersion Research Klingon Spray Skirt


Staying dry in your boat can make or break your day when you're spending more time emptying water from your kayak than you're spending in your kayak. The 2015 Immersion Research Klingon skirt is drier and easier to put on a cockpit than a rubber rand skirt, but still has plenty of implosion resistance. It's also a bit cheaper than IR's premium bungee skirt, the Klingon Empire, with the only major difference being the reinforcing material used around the edge of the skirt deck. Instead of the Kevlar found on the Klingon Empire, the Klingon uses highly wear resistant Nylar fabric to reinforce the skirt.

In our opinion, it's the one of best options on the market for paddlers who need a dry, versatile spray skirt.

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2015 Immersion Research Klingon