Marietta, S.C.

Tampico 140S
$ 1,399 in thermo-formed Trylon
L: 14′; W: 23.5″; 44 lbs.

You’ll ask yourself if you’re actually touching the water. Seriously, that’s how sweet the glide is on the 44-pound Tampico 140S. It’s big-time composite performance-at half the price. The subtle yet sheer line on this boat slices through everything in its path, including heavy chop. Translation? You stay dry and go fast. And with an integrated keel line, it tracks like it’s on rails. We’ve designed it with ample storage for wandering, so you can comfortably take the Tampico out for a couple of days. If you’re a small to medium-sized paddler and you want to get away, we’ve got your escape craft

Santee 116 / 126
$ 949 / $999 in thermo-formed Trylon
L: 11’6″ / 12’6″; W: 28″ / 27.5″; 37 lbs. / 40 lbs.

The Santee 116 and the new Santee 126 have stylish new deck lines that provide added aesthetic and added rigidity. The new Santee 126 redefines the recreational category for efficiency, glide and tracking. New features have been added to the deck with a convenient paddle holder and a rear security bar. Bow and stern sealed bulkheads.

Santee 135
$ 1,049 in thermo-formed Trylon
L: 13’5″ ; W: 23.5″; 42 lbs.

The Santee 135 hull design evolved from Hurricane’s popular Tampico line of Performance, day-touring kayaks. The result is a lightweight performance recreational kayak with generous room in the cockpit and seat area. The stable 135 tracks better than many kayaks that are 2 or 3 feet longer and at a trim 42 pounds, no other kayak in its class paddles and carries with such ease. Bow and stern sealed bulkheads.

Open Bay 120
$ 899 in thermo-formed Trylon
L: 12′; W: 28″; 39 lbs.

The Open Bay 120 totally breaks the mold for sit-on-top boats. With 12 feet of length and a width of 28 inches, you’ve got mega-room on the deck for everything: snorkel gear, coolers, drybag, kitchen sink … at 39 pounds, you can paddle this baby all day, whether you’re exploring shoreline or riding waves. The comfortable seat on the Open Bay comes standard.

Tracer 165
$ 1,699 in thermo-formed Trylon
L: 16’5″; W: 27.75″; 49 lbs.

Let’s say you want an agile, fast kayak. Let’s say you want a boat that turns like it’s on rails. Let’s say you want something that can transition between inland lakes and coastal waters with ease. You’re thinking to yourself, I gotta go with composite. And the next thing you do is take out a second mortgage, right? Wrong, because here’s what we say: Tracer 165. You don’t paddle this boat … you carve with it. It’s as light and stiff as composite boats costing $1,500 more. With the British-inspired subtle rocker and moderate-V hull, this kayak dances on the water. (Just ask all the instructors and guides across the country who have adopted the Tracer 165.) There’s plenty of storage and plenty of comfort in the cockpit. The Tracer even comes with a drop skeg for added handling.