Oceanside, CA

$999 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 13'; W: 28.5"; 58 lbs.
A compact, quick, stable hull built expressly for the dedicated fisherman. With two roomy hatch-covered compartments and a pair of built-in rod holders, you can bring along every lure, jig and reel in your collection.

$799 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 11'6"; W: 34"; 62 lbs.
Double up for fun and speed. This nimble tandem is a snap to turn, yet still has bountiful room for cargo, drinks and all your gear. The Kona is the ideal family or couples boat.

$549 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 9'; W: 30"; 43 lbs.
Designed for the smaller paddler, but delivers a comfortable ride for taller kayakers, too. Car-top, bicycle trailer, or boat deck—you can take the Lanai just about anywhere. A full-scale boat in a pint-sized package.

$649 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 11'; W: 30"; 48 lbs.
Fast and stable, this is a perfect boat for diving, fishing or cove-hopping. The Maui is stackable (ideal for a summer camp fleet), leaving plenty of room in the garage or on the recreation dock.

Mirage Oasis
$2,699 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 14'6"; W: 33"; 69 lbs.
Long, narrow, lightweight—elements that give this kayak surprising performance-minded qualities such as quick acceleration and impressive hull speed. Three enclosed stowage areas, one large on-deck cargo area and a roomy cockpit with dual MirageDrives. Whether alone or with a companion, you'll be amazed at how well this boat performs.

Mirage Outback
$1,799 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 12'1"; W: 33"; 66 lbs.
Whether fishing, hunting or on your lunch break, the Outback gets the job done. Add the optional sail package for wind-powered versatility and you're tuned for any situation—on the clock or off.

Mirage Revolution
$1,799 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 13'5"; W: 28.5"; 59 lbs.
Fast, maneuverable, loaded with utility. Deluxe cockpit keeps you dry while the streamlined hull delivers you to your favorite spots fast. Stylish and loaded with storage, this is the pinnacle of fun and function.

Mirage Adventure
$1,999 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 16'; W: 27.5"; 63 lbs.
This fast touring model offers chop-cutting speed and comfort, tracking precisely across your favorite body of water. Spacious dual cargo areas mean you can take everything you need on your next adventure.

Mirage i14T
$2,599 in PVC 1000 denier
L: 14'; W: 36"; 61 lbs.
Hobie's MirageDrive inflatables are available in 9' and 12' single models and a 14' tandem version with dual MirageDrives. Packed snugly in their own rolling travel bags, you can take them wherever you go. They inflate/deflate quickly with the supplied hi-speed pump. Optional sail package, plug-in cart and electric pump.

Mirage Tandem Island

$4,999 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 18'6"; W: Amas out: 10'/ Amas in: 4'; 190 lbs.
A powerful, easy-to-use, tandem version of the popular Adventure Island that can be enjoyed by any two people, from competent sailboat racers to dad and son out for a relaxing day of sailing or fishing.

Mirage Adventure Island
$3,599 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 16'; W: Amas out: 9'4", Amas in: 42"; 115 lbs.
The roller-furling mainsail on this trimaran "sail-yak" makes rigging and reefing a breeze. The amas (think Hawaiian outriggers) make it the most stable platform you've ever experienced. Fast, fun and versatile, with endless options.

Mirage Outfitter
$2,599 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 12'8"; W: 34"; 72 lbs.
Built for two but also perfect for the solo kayaker. With a multitude of hatches, drink holders, pockets, utility trays and rod holders, you can take everything along for an organized, successful adventure.

Mirage Pro Angler
$2,499 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 13'8"; W: 38"; Hull: 88 lbs., fully rigged 138 lbs.
A light, efficient, feature-filled fishing boat. Enjoy the effortless MirageDrive experience, leaving the fumes, noise and expense of gas-powered fishing behind. Awarded "Best of Show" at ICAST 2009.

$849 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 14'; W: 33"; 69 lbs.
The perfect family oriented, go-anywhere, do-anything paddle kayak. The Odyssey accommodates two but can be paddled by one using the molded-in center seat position. Or the center-seat area can be used by a junior crew member, extra gear or even the family hound.

Mirage Sport
$1,599 in super-linear rotomolded polyethylene
L: 9'7"; W: 29.5"; 45 lbs.
Thanks to its innovative movable seat mount, this light and maneuverable kayak can adjust to fit almost anyone in your group. Whether you're 4' or 6', the Mirage Sport has you covered.