Hobie Bayside Polarized Sunglasses


Most of us choose sunglasses because of the way they make us look. I like the Hobie Bayside Polarized Sunglasses because of the way they make me see.

Invented in the 1930s by Polaroid camera creator Edwin Land, polarized lenses cut glare from certain angles. Notably, they eliminate the sheen of sunlight on water, allowing us to see what’s below the surface. That’s very useful for paddlers, whether you have to pick your way through a maze of shallow reefs, or just enjoy watching the river bottom scroll beneath your kayak or canoe. If you fish from you kayak, a good pair of polaroid glasses is indispensable.

A good pair, like these from Hobie, seems to enhance your visual acuity the moment you slip them on. Credit the lightweight, thin and durable Borosilicate Glass polarized lenses, with Hobie’s Hydroclean Plus coating. I’m not quite sure what borosilicate is, but I feel certain that I see better with these glasses on. The lifetime warranty is a nice touch, too (if only they could float I’d never need another pair of sunglasses). And, yes, thanks to the sleek semi-wrap styling, I look better in them too. Thanks for noticing. –Jeff Moag