Petzl Ultra Rush
MSRP: $430

For kayak camping, particularly in critter country, it's good to pack a lamp with punch, in case you need it. This baby sheds some serious bright at the turn of a knob and putting big light on a problem at night, be it storm tide, bear, raccoon or busted tent pole, can level a dangerous playing field. Now if you don't know a lumen from a wumen—compared to the popular Princeton Tec Apex, the Ultra Rush cranks out over twice the light. Upwards of 300 lumens is fine for night hikes and chores but for quick target acquisition and more distant threats , 600 or 700 is better. Frankly, expanding how far you can see and how clearly you can see it in a crisis, provides a healthy advantage. The same light that will piss off your buddies will disorient an aggressive animal. Lamp is waterpoof and nicely balanced. Not significantly heavier than most lamps. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides ample field time for most trips and there are three other lighting modalities in addition to SUPERNOVA.