GoPro 3 + Black Edition

The reigning king of the POV camera market, GoPro's + Black edition comes packed with shooting options and capabilities. From shooting 1080p slow motion at 60fps, or employing 4K "Ultra HD" video (albeit at only 15fps), the Black edition can handle almost any shooting environment and produce great image results – even in lower light. The menu system can be a little confusing, but the new + edition increases battery performance by 30 percent, a nice upgrade when employing the optional LCD back. I also particularly like the flat ports of the GoPro housings for their easy water sheeting. Perhaps a small negative to the new + edition housing is that the case is rather difficult to open. One nice thing about GoPro is that its super easy to find attachment mounts and accessories across the country at surf shops to sports stores. The bet on Black will cost you more than the other models, but we think you get what you pay for.

Depth Rating: 197 feet
Lens: 90, 127, 170 degrees
Media: Micro SD card
Format: MP4
Resolutions: 1920x1080p at 24fps, 30fps, 48fps, 60fps, plus 4K (4096x3072p) at 15fps
Slo-Mo: 1280x720p at 60fps, 120fps
Photo: 5, 7, 12mp single, burst, time-lapse


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