Gili Water Sport Bag


The ‘upcycling’ movement of repurposing waste materials occasionally pops up on the paddlesports radar, from Astral’s foray into waste-reducing dog beds (hand-built from the life-jacket crafter’s excess closed-cell foam and fabric scraps), to Ken Campbell’s improbable 150-mile voyage up the Washington coast in a kayak constructed out of discarded single-use plastic bottles to help raise awareness about plastic proliferation and the effect it has on the marine environment.

Now Gili Bags, a small Colorado startup, seeks to build the next generation of bombproof gear duffles built from trashed banners and billboards (check out Gili Bags’ Kickstarter launch campaign video here). C&K can vouch for Gili's original Water Sport Bag, which provides 360 degrees of cavernous breathability, and a tough, multi-colored vinyl mesh (read: quick-drying) build that won't leave you with a soaked bag.