Gifts by Boaters: Art by Kate Aitchison

Handcrafted prayer-flags with unique river trip vibes.

Order through email:; $24 for eight flags

Kate Aitchison is an artist and river guide living in the Southwestern United States and New England. She is an advocate for wild places and their importance not only as natural ecosystems but as a way for humans to heal and reconnect to the natural rhythms that ultimately sustain them. These flags are a tribute to those places and the support they give to all living things. Ultimately ephemeral, they live as long as you want them to. Take them adventuring, put them up in your tent, your car, leave them on your fence. Let them blow in the breeze and sparkle in the sun. Let the colors fade as you wind your way into the corners of your world that bring life, love, and magic. Enjoy!

Each strand comes with 8 flags and the flags are approximately 8" x 8" (or variations off of that depending on the design).

There are three Grand Canyon Designs:
1. Nankoweep
2. Vishnu Temple
3. Confluence

There is a Heron Design:
1. A Sailboat Design
2. An Ocean's Edge Design
3. A Bears Ears Design


View more on instagram: @kaitchison

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