Gifts by Boaters: “Yoga for Paddling” by Anna Levesque

A book of yoga poses that help paddlers maximize fun and performance on the water.

Available for purchase at; (Paperback $24.95 // eBook $23.99)

This great holiday gift from Anna Levesque is a book of handpicked yoga poses and movements that can increase strength and mobility for paddlers.

Levesque has been known for empowering women in whitewater kayaking for over a decade through her company, Girls at Play. She’s also an avid yoga practitioner and teacher who has combined her passions in her recently-released book Yoga for Paddling. An advocate for optimal fun and performance on the water over the longterm, Levesque’s book focuses on how to strengthen the muscles underused in paddling while lengthening the muscles overused, to reduce the risk of injury and reduce pain and discomfort in the low back, shoulders and hips. It’s the perfect gift to keep your favorite paddler healthy, fit and having the most fun! (Check out a handful of C&K’s exclusive excerpts from the book.)

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