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Big Bang
$1,199 in rotomolded polyethylene
Expedition – L: 8'1"; W: 25.5"; 82 gals.; 49 lbs.
The Big Bang is our evolutionary creekboat / expedition kayak capable of handling class 5 creeks yet at the same time having ample speed for long hauls and enough packing space for extended periods in the wild. The Big Bang is ideal for kayakers doing multiday expeditions, kayakers wanting some extra speed in a creekboat, and also for kayakers too big to fit comfortably in normal creekboats. It is a great choice too for kayakers needing easily accessible space for rescue or photography gear.

$999 in rotomolded polyethylene
Small – L: 6'1"; W: 23.5"; 46 gals.; 28 lbs.
Medium – L: 7'2"; W: 24.75"; 53 gals.; 36 lbs.
Large – L: 7'5"; W: 27"; 60 gals.; 38 lbs.
The Spice will take care of you on unfamiliar runs, enables you to surf waves on the run that other paddlers can't even catch, and gives you an exciting ride without being temperamental. It is a true river runner with the proven Flirt hull combined with extra length and volume.

$1,099 in rotomolded polyethylene
Small – L: 7'1"; W: 24.5"; 52 gals.; 39 lbs.
Medium – L: 7'6"; W: 25.25"; 66 gals.; 42 lbs.
Large – L: 8'; W: 26"; 71 gals.; 44 lbs.
This river-runner/creeker incorporates the Nemesis rail system with super forgiving sidewalls and generous kick rocker to create an exciting but very stable ride. It has ample volume and peaked decks to ensure controllable surfacing when running drops. The deck profile and hull width makes the Detox super easy to roll.

$1,099 in rotomolded polyethylene
Small – L: 7'3"; W: 25.25"; 65 gals.; 42 lbs.
Medium – L: 7'7"; W: 25.25"; 70 gals.; 44 lbs.
Large – L: 8'0"; W: 25.5"; 75 gals.; 46 lbs.
Expedition – L: 8'0"; W: 25.5"; 75 gals.; 47 lbs.
The Solo series became a classic creekboat in the relatively short period since its inception, and a benchmark for high performance creekboats. Its unique design enables it to perform equally well on low and big volume runs, steep and technical creeks but also when loaded for multi-day expeditions.

$849 in rotomolded polyethylene
Medium – L: 11'6"; W: 23.5"; 34 lbs.
The Donsa is an affordable plastic slalom kayak. The tough construction makes it perfect for beginner to intermediate slalom kayakers and slalom clubs. Experienced slalom kayakers who want to spare their more expensive composite craft from abuse when training on rocky courses will find the Donsa a happy alternative.

$849 in rotomolded polyethylene
Medium – L: 9'9"; W: 23.25"; 48 gals.; 32 lbs.
The Vuvubat is a plastic polo kayak that delivers high performance in an affordable, almost indestructible package. The Vuvubat complies with full ICF regulations and can be used in ICF sanctioned kayak polo competitions. Features include an adjustable seat, integrated foam bumpers and easiliy adjustable footbraces.

$1,059/$1,399 in rotomolded polyethelene/carbon-Kevlar composite
Small – L: 5'11"; W: 23.5"; 44 gals.; 29 lbs.
Medium – L: 6'1"; W: 25.5"; 53 gals.; 33 lbs.
Medium – L: 6'1"; W: 25.5"; 53 gals.; 26 lbs. (composite)
Large – L: 6'5"; W: 26.25"; 58 gals.; 35 lbs.
This high-performance play machine has more speed, better carve and more controlled bounce than any other playboat in its class. The unique carving rail/release edge combination ensures an extremely smooth ride on waves. The volume distribution is perfect for launching huge loops but still enables easy cartwheeling and splitwheeling.

$1,099/$1,399 in rotomolded polyethelene/carbon-Kevlar composite
Medium – L: 6'7"; W: 25.25"; 54 gals.; 33 lbs.
Medium – L: 6'1"; W: 25.5"; 53 gals.; 27 lbs (composite)
Large – L: 7'6"; W: 25.5"; 60.5 gals.; 28 lbs. (composite only)
The Element is a pretty unique surfkayak. Apart from the pronounced carving rails that become progressively harder towards the stern, the hull also features release edges, similar to those on a playboat. The Element delivers high speed playboating on ocean and river waves.

$1,399 in carbon-Kevlar composite
Medium – L: 5'11"; W: 25.5"; 52 gals.; 22 lbs.
The Dope is the latest progression in the science of freestyle kayak evolution. The fusion of radical design with composite material technology takes freestyle to the next level. Gone are the days of blaming your equipment for your failures. Gone are the days of blending in with the crowd of mediocrity. No zombie no more. The Dope is the next level.

$946 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 13'11"; W: 31.25"; 66 lbs.
The Bamba is a completely new design to make sure all fishermen's wishes are taken care of. The Bamba offers excellent stability, great trawling speed and all the gadgets you need for a superb fishing experience. A key feature of the Bamba is the large centre hatch in a separately moulded compartment for storing your gear and catch inside the hull.

$299 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 6'6"; W: 21.25"; 24 lbs.
The Vaya is a a true kiddies' sit-on-top. The boat is very forgiving and has enough volume to tackle moving currents and very easy rapids. The sealed construction makes it a safe boat to introduce kids to paddling. It is easy to paddle and easy to carry or drag around.

$481 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 8'7"; W: 33"; 42 lbs.
The Buddy is a super stable one seater playful sit-on-top, equally suited for kids and adults. Its volume and sidewall design enables it to carry heavy paddlers, but the short length makes it easy to handle on and off the water, even for smaller paddlers.

$530 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 10'9"; W: 32"; 48 lbs.
The Chumani is a one seater sit-on-top featuring a soft tri-hull that is super stable. The mellow keel helps tracking in a straight line, while the hull has ample rocker to make it manoeuvrable when needed. The boat is just as home on the ocean and easy rivers as on flat water.

$660 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 12'8"; W: 33"; 66 lbs.
The Synergy is a two seater family sit-on-top that can also be paddled as a single. The soft tri-hull is super stable, the mellow keel helps tracking in a straight line, while the hull has ample rocker to make it maneuverability when needed.

$496 in rotomolded Polyethylene
L: 8'7"; W: 32"; 40 lbs.
The Locomotion is Fluid's revolutionary answer to that old, old question-single or double? Thanks to the innovative design it is as easy as 1,2,3 to extend the single sit-on-top to a double kayak. The scoop at the stern where the rear kayak slots in is fitted with a handy basket.