Astral Rosa.

Astral Rosa.

Astral’s Filepe and Rosa Sandals

I’ve been waiting years for a flip-flop that isn’t slippery on top when wet and has good traction in and out of the water. On top of being incredibly light, the Filepe (men’s) and Rosa (women’s) can convert from a standard flip-flop to a snug sandal in more demanding situations.

Immersion Research Devils Club

Immersion Research Devil’s Club

Immersion Research’s Devil’s Club Drysuit

This looks like the toughest drysuit I’ve ever seen. Not only is the bottom half made of thick fabric but the top is as well. The suit was designed specifically to hold up to British Columbia’s notorious Devil’s Club thorn bush. After seeing and feeling the fabric, I’d say it’s ready to rise to the challenge.

Nemo Vector

Nemo Vector

Nemo’s Vector Pad

This is a thick, 25-inch-wide sleeping pad that’s only one pound, six ounces thanks to innovative construction. Incredible comfort for overnight trips, and it can go below freezing with ease. (Read Darin McQuoid’s sleeping pad review)

Kokatat Switch Zip Surge

Kokatat SwitchZip Surge

Kokatat’s Surge Paddling Suit and Passage Anorak with SwitchZip

Kokatat takes their two piece drysuit to the sea, allowing paddlers to wear the garment either as a full touring drysuit or as a drytop. In better weather, zip in the Passage Anorak jacket for a free neck. This convertible suit is the perfect solution for long expeditions in changing weather. (More on SwitchZip)

Watershed GoForth

Watershed GoForth

Watershed’s Goforth Drybag

Watershed takes their classic Ocoee drybag and adds a hip belt. This now makes it possible to scramble with your hands free, or easy gives access to the inside without setting the bag down.

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