When I first received the Mountain Khakis Flannel Original Mountain Jean, I was concerned about the relatively thin flannel lining, worried that it would not be warm enough. What I've found, however, is that the relatively thin lining makes these pants versatile in a wider range of weather conditions. The lining adds just enough warmth for moderately cold temperatures in the 40s/50s and doesn't make me sweat as soon as I get to moving around or head indoors.

They're not skinny jeans, but they do have a slimmer fit than the Carhartts or the Original Mountain Pant, with noticeably less stretch than the Prana Bronson. They broke in nicely to the point where I can comfortably bend and move around, but these definitely feel more restrictive than the other pants in this review.

The build quality is excellent and the lining is great for moderate conditions, making these slick jeans looking a versatile addition to my collection of flannel pants.

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Mountain Khakis Flannel Original Mountain Pant

Baggy, warm, and perfect for relaxing.

Carhartt's Flannel-Lined Washed Twill Dungaree

Perfect for fall weather or an air conditioned office meeting.

Prana Bronson Lined Pant

Ultra warm with freedom of movement for active tasks.

Prana Boyfriend Lined Denim Pant

A built-for-comfort women’s jean with a thick flannel lining.

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