Asheville, NC

$729 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 11'2"; W: 29.5"; TBA lbs.
The new 2011 Feelfree Juntos is one of the most versatile sit-on-tops on the market. The Juntos' innovative deck features a roomy adult seat for mom or dad plus two child seats so you can bring the family along. And Feelfree's wheel-in-the-keel makes the Juntos a snap to transport.

$499 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 8'10"; W: 29"; 41 lbs.
The Feelfree Move is agile, stable, and fun. Feelfree's integrated "wheel-in-the-keel" makes the Move a snap to take from bumper to beach. High-quality construction and a premium seat make the Move a great value. Add optional rod holders to turn your Move into a compact fishing machine.

$689 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 9'10"; W: 30"; 44 lbs.
The Nomad will make you smile. Stable and easy to turn, the Nomad is at home playing in the surf or exploring quiet backwaters. A combination of bow rocker and a pronounced keel gives the Nomad good handling and tracking characteristics, and Feelfree's wheel-in-the-keel makes it a snap to transport.

$889 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 12'9"; W: 32.5"; 57 lbs.
Fast and fun for two, the Gemini shares the Nomad's rockered hull and playful feel. Easy to paddle, seaworthy and comfortable, the Gemini is a favorite for family and friends. Standard features include comfortable molded handles, deluxe padded seats and Feelfree's wheel-in-the-keel for no-sweat transport.

$989 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 13'8"; W: 32.5"; 68 lbs.
The Corona was designed for family, couples or friends who want to enjoy paddling together. Built with stability and comfort in mind, the Corona features deluxe padded seats and convenient molded carry handles. And, Feelfree's built-in wheel-in-the-keel makes the Corona the easiest handling double out there.

Moken 12 standard/angler
$749/949 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 12'4"; W: 29"; 59.5 lbs.
Catching on to kayak fishing? The Moken is the boat for you. Fast to get you to the fish. Stable to help you land them. The Moken 12 comes ready to take your favorite fishing accessories and features the Feelfree wheel-in-the-keel for easy rolling from tailgate to putin.

Moken 10 Standard/Angler
$649/$749 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 10'3"; W: 35"; 64 lbs.
Stability is at the heart of the Moken 10 design. Shorter length makes it easy to maneuver and transport in a pickup. The Feelfree wheel-in-the-keel gets you to the water without breaking a sweat. Ready to take your favorite fishing accessories and help you find the big ones.

Atlantis 12/12 deluxe
$839/$1049 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 12'6"; W: 26 "; 41 lbs.
Two hatches and bulkheads, and full perimeter deck lines provide the Atlantis with touring kayak safety features. The full-volume hull delivers solid stability. Outfitting includes the innovative new Feelfree seat, rudder and footbraces. The Atlantis offers maximum stability in a kayak that is perfect for day touring and coastal adventures.

Atlantis 14/14 Deluxe
$1,079/$1,289 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 14'; W: 25"; 57 lbs.
The Atlantis is a touring kayak with confidence-inspiring stability. Standard features include fore and aft bulkheads plus a day hatch. Full deck lines, retractable grab handles and the innovative Feelfree seat complete the outfitting. If you are looking to expand your paddling horizons, the Atlantis 14 is the ideal choice.