Each Tuesday, we'll highlight a company in Canoe and Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Feathercraft Folding Kayaks line. Stay tuned next week for more sacred crafts.

$3,220, skin on frame
L: 14′ 9″, W: 25″, 35 lbs.

The Kahuna's accelerate quickly and handle with ease. An upswept bow creates a fine water entry, and they track well without a rudder. Optional hatches simplify loading for multi-day trips. Two sizes of cockpits will fit almost any paddler. With practice, assembly is 20 minutes. Fits into one bag

$5,340 $5,520, skin on frame
L: 17′ 10″ L: 17′ 10″, W: 22″, 23.5″, 47 lbs., 49 lbs.

The graceful lines and low profile are of a traditional skin kayak. Packing for multi-week expeditions is possible with the paddler choosing gear carefully for efficient storage. The snug fitting cockpit allows you to become one with your kayak. Khats-S is standard with the rudder. Packs into one pack bag.

$5,570, skin on frame
L: 17′ 10″, W: 31″, 76 lbs.

This is our “convertible” kayak. The open cockpit design can be configured for one, or two people; a small center seat can be added for a child; or there’s room for your four legged companion instead. Standard with two bags for airline travel.

$3,640, skin on frame
L: 15'7"; W: 23.5"; 37.5 lbs

The upswept bow and stern gives a sense of the traditional Greenland style. It is nimble, with a fast cruising speed, carves turns easily with a lean, and has a solid fit for medium and smaller paddlers. Packs into one pack bag.

$4,370, skin on frame
L: 15′ 7″, W: 23.5″, 40 lbs.

The new Wisper XP is the evolution of the Wisper. Choice of a large or small cockpit sizes is available. Standard features include gear access hatches, rudder, new pivot braces, and deck reinforcement strips. Fits into one pack-bag.