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$4,750 skin on frame
L: 15'7"; W: 23.5"; 40 lbs.
The new Wisper XP is the evolution of the Wisper. Choice of a large or small cockpit sizes is available. Standard features include gear access hatches, rudder, new pivot braces, and deck reinforcement strips. Fits into one pack-bag.

$3,500 skin on frame
L: 14'9"; W: 25"; 35 lbs.
The Kahuna's accelerate quickly and handle with ease. An upswept bow creates a fine water entry, and they track well without a rudder. Optional hatches simplify loading for multi-day trips. Two sizes of cockpits will fit almost any paddler. With practice, assembly is 20 minutes. Fits into one bag.

$5,800/$6,000 skin on frame
L: 17'10"; W: 22"/23.5"; 47 lbs., 49 lbs.
The graceful lines and low profile are of a traditional skin kayak. Packing for multi-week expeditions is possible with the paddler choosing gear carefully for efficient storage. The snug fitting cockpit allows you to become one with your kayak. Khats-S is standard with the rudder. Packs into one pack bag.

$6,250 skin on frame
L: 17'10"; W: 31"; 76 lbs.
This is our "convertible" kayak. The open cockpit design can be configured for one, or two people; a small center seat can be added for a child; or there's room for your four legged companion instead. Standard with two bags for airline travel.

$3,960 skin on frame
L: 15'7"; W: 23.5"; 37.5 lbs
The upswept bow and stern gives a sense of the traditional Greenland style. It is nimble, with a fast cruising speed, carves turns easily with a lean, and has a solid fit for medium and smaller paddlers. Packs into one pack bag.

GEMINI Sit-on-Top Kayak
$3,600 skin on Frame
L: 18'; W: 30"; 48 lbs.
This is a fast, light-weight and stable double with two comfy, high-backed seats. Both a rudder and skeg are standard features for great tracking and maneuverability. Fits into one bag.

JAVA Sit-on-Top Kayak
$2,700; skin on Frame
L: 15'4"; W: 28"; 33 lbs.
This is an excellent warm weather touring kayak. A drop-skeg is part of the framework and is necessary for tracking. There is ample beam to provide stability. If you'd like to paddle with a friend occasionally, a 2nd seat kit & rudder are options. Packs into one bag.

$2,970 skin on Frame
L: 12'10"; W: 25"; 33 lbs.
When first introduced in 1993, the K-Light was the first of its kind – the lightest weight portable kayak. Great for small paddlers on day trips; has the fewest frame parts for easy assembly. Packs into one bag.

K1 Expedition
$5,800 skin on Frame
L: 16'6"; W: 25"; 51 lbs.
Designed for the solo expedition paddler who needs to pack the maximum gear and be ready for challenging conditions. Length to beam ratio is well proportioned. An upswept bow makes for a fine water entry; it is fast, responsive, and very stable. Packs into one pack bag.

$6,850 skin on Frame
L: 20'; W: 33"; 87 lbs.
This high-volume, truly expedition-worthy double kayak, has been designed for maximum storage capacity and to handle the harshest of trips. The upswept bow makes for a drier ride. Low-profile cockpit coamings allow use of individual sea socks, and won't inhibit efficient paddling strokes. Standard with two bags for airline travel.