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$1,729 in polyethylene
L: 9'2"; W: 29"; 46 lbs.
The L'Edge whitewater canoe was collaboratively designed to bring a new level of excitement to the river. From surfing your favorite waves to absolutely styling your favorite steep creek the L'Edge has something special to offer everyone on every run. It's available partially decked or completely "open" with traditional style wood gunnels. The L'Edge comes outfitted with a bulkhead style foam saddle and adjustable foot pegs, knee padding and foam sidewalls for a secure fit and maximum floatation (also available open deck in wood trim).

$1,633 in royalex
L: 16'5"; W: 35"; 75 lbs.
The ultimate expedition and tripping canoe, the Canyon combines agility with superior carrying capacity. Made for the river, its size and shape allow you to paddle it through large whitewater safely. The Canyon's high ends, depth and volume provide excellent carrying capacity for extended trips and help to maintain dry descents even through large rapids

$1,570 in royalex
L: 15'11"; W: 35"; 65 lbs.
The Prospecteur is a classic design, based on the long-used canoe by the First Nations People using today's materials and building technologies. Its arched bottom meets the freeboard with a soft, rounded chine giving the canoe exceptional glide and a reassuring feel.The balance and harmony of this traditional design guarantees that the Prospecteur will be as agile on the river as on a lake (also available at 16′ and 17′).

$1,606 Heron Green/$1,633 Heron Camo in royalex
L: 14'6"; W: 38.5"; 69 lbs.
The Heron is a multi-purpose canoe perfectly adapted to fishing and hunting activities. Light, stable and quiet, it offers great load capacity. Its design allows it to be used with or without a motor. The Heron is the most versatile canoe in its category. With a foam core hull material, the Heron insulates you from cold waters and provides for quiet passage to your most secret places on lakes and rivers.

$1,843 in Twin-Tex
L: 16"; W: 35"; 58 lbs.
This canoe has good flat-water speed yet handles predictably in all conditions. At 16" it has length for tracking and moderate rocker at the ends; this makes for a very efficient tracking canoe yet maneuverable enough for constricted waterways, and whitewater. Ideal for day touring with plenty of carrying capacity for long trips and the seaworthiness to handle rough conditions (also available at 17′).