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L: 16'; W: 23"
$3,095 in Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar, 40 lbs./$4,095 in Ultra/Woven Kevlar, 34 lbs./$4,295 in Expedition/ New super-strong hybrid of Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar, 46 lbs.
Offering NEW features for 2011, the lightweight and sporty 16X offers the advanced Epic Track Master Plus steering system as an option. New color schemes, day hatch option and improved hatch system continue to make the 16X an excellent choice for day trips and overnight excursions.

L: 12'11"; W: 25"
$1,595 in Club/Fiberglass, 37 lbs./$2,095 in Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar, 31 lbs./$2,595 in Ultra/Woven Kevlar, 25 lbs.
The GPX is available in three construction types, weighing 25, 31, or 37 lbs., making carrying it to the water almost as much fun as paddling it. Fully outfitted for touring, the redesigned GPX for 2011 with improved hatches and toggle handles is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, responsive day-touring kayak.

18X/18X Sport
L: 18'; W: 22"
$3,095 in Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar, 41 lbs./42 lbs./ $4,095 in Ultra/Woven Kevlar, 35 lbs./36 lbs./$4,295 in Expedition/New super-strong hybrid of Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar, 47 lbs./48 lbs.
NEW features for 2011; new color schemes, an improved hatch system, improved bow and stern handles, optional Track Master Plus Steering System and day hatch. Cruise with exceptional ease and speed, and paddle with confidence in rough water; perfect for long cruises and expeditions.

V10 Sport
L: 20'; W: 19"
$1,895 in Club/Fiberglass, 37 lbs./$2,395 in Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar, 33 lbs./$3,395 in Ultra/Woven Kevlar, 25 lbs./$4,595 in Elite/Woven Carbon Fiber, 21 lbs.
The V10 Sport offers terrific flatwater speed and exceptional rough water performance. This surfski is more comfortable for beginner to intermediate ski paddlers, particularly those learning proficiency in rough water and waves. The V10 Sport accommodates paddlers from 5' to 6'7"; the footbrace is fully adjustable with self-adjusting pedals.

L: 21'; W: 17.1"
$1,995 in Club/Fiberglass, 36 lbs./$2,495 in Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar, 32 lbs./$3,495 in Ultra/Woven & Kevlar, 23 lbs./$4,695 in Elite/Woven Carbon Fiber, 20 lbs.
The V12 surfski continues to prove itself in all water conditions and is a surf ski best used by experienced paddlers. It was launched last year and has become a big hit in the surf ski fraternity, winning the prestigious Molokai Championship 2 years straight – in both flat and surf conditions! The bailer drains quickly or can be closed for flatwater use, resulting in even less drag & more speed.