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Grand Slam
$829 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 14'5"; W 30.5"; 69 lbs.
The advanced hull design of the Grand Slam makes this the perfect kayak for longer trips or open water crossings where tracking and stability are key. With features like a large tankwell and ample bow hatch this kayak will fit all your gear for any trip.

$769 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 13'8"; W: 36"; 79 lbs.
The Tandemonium is the most stable multi-person kayak we ever tested. You could add another passenger or paddle this kayak solo from the middle "jump-seat". The upswept bow and added width help keep you dry even while playing in the waves. This is your do it all gear hauler.

$349 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 9'8"; W: 29"; 37 lbs.
The Glide is the perfect blend of comfort, stability and performance. The ultra lightweight design and construction makes it a joy to handle both on and off the water. Unlike some recreational kayaks that you outgrow the third day on the water, this boat is designed to grow with the paddler.

$449 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 9'9"; W: 29"; 37 lbs.
The Edge has amazing speed for a short kayak and makes you feel like you are paddling a sports car! The total hull package is exceedingly user-friendly, giving beginners more control and accelerating their learning curve. This boat holds paddlers of all shapes and sizes including loads of gear in a light compact package.

$499 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 10'10"; W: 26"; 39 lbs.
The Bliss is specifically designed for smaller paddlers. It is easy to carry, car top and even easier to paddle. Sleek, nimble, and light-footed, this silky smooth hull packs surprising speed for its short length. The Bliss is about being perfectly adapted to your favorite part of the world; it's about your quiet escape.