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$2,199 in Thermoformed Carbonlite 2000
L: 13'10"; W: 22.5"; 43 lbs.
Samba is a lively and nimble turbo charged kayak that is easy to accelerate, and carves like a fine German knife. This fully outfitted sea-worthy kayak has a retractable skeg for a wider range of hull performance and an adjustable seat for a custom fit. Samba is just plain fun!

$1,999 in Thermoformed Carbonlite 2000
L: 14'; W: 25"; 45 lbs.
The Equinox strikes an excellent balance between the recreational and true touring kayak with its ample cockpit and storage space, good cruising speed and complete rigging. Thigh braces and the sliding seat offer a fine tuned fit. See the Skylark for a smaller, even more stable version in this family.

$2,399 in Thermoformed Carbonlite 2000
L: 15'6"; W: 24"; 49 lbs.
Journey is a full featured touring kayak with the casual, fun loving kayaker in mind. Nimble and quick but still roomy and comfortable, the Journey sports all the touring kayak features and has a recessed skeg for that additional level of versatility and control in varying water and wind conditions.

$2,699 in Thermoformed Carbonlite 2000
L; 16'6"; W: 22"; 50 lbs.
Fathom is everything that most performance paddlers look for in a sea kayak and one that you are not likely to outgrow. The hull is quite fast while retaining a comfortable level of stability and it has outstanding carving ability. See the Fathom LV for a lower volume version.

$2,659 in Thermoformed Carbonlite 2000
L: 16"; W: 28"; 68 lbs.
Shasta is a versatile, lightweight open cockpit double with a whole host of accessories and many options for a variety of uses. Paddle solo, with your partner, child, dog or any combination of the above. Quite efficient in the water, it is stable, fast and fun for touring, camping and fishing.