Austin, TX
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The Chupacabra
$1,350 in ABS
L: 10.5′; W: 37"; 56 lbs.
Now available, Diablo's new release, the Chupacabra. Just like its predecessor, this boat allows the paddler to sit or stand to paddle and fish, just in a smaller package. It can still hold handle plenty of weight without compromising draft, but appeals to smaller paddlers as well.

The Adios
$1,600 in ABS
L: 12.5'; W: 36″ ; 69 lbs.
The first in their line of hybrid SUP- kayaks, The Adios is a cross between a SUP board and a SOT kayak. It features a pull up leash that allows for easy standing, and the tri-hull design gives it added stability and very shallow draft. Standing to cast or paddle is easy for users of all skill levels.