Dagger RPM 9.0 Limited

Tester Michael Gordon giving the RPM a spin. Photo: Michael Gordon

Dagger RPM 9.0 Limited
($700; dagger.com)
L: 8'11"; W: 24"; 39 lbs. in roto-molded polyethylene

It can often be a challenge to find a Dagger RPM.

That's because not many paddlers want to let go of what works. Dagger responded to the pent-up demand with a reintroduction of the discontinued classic last year. This Limited Edition version adds Contour Ergo Outfitting with quick-dry molded seat and a ratchet-adjusting backband—a welcome upgrade for anyone whose rear end has aged in the nearly 20 years since the original version's release. We also noticed the thigh braces, though thankfully adjustable, have a much tighter fit than the original. We'll take the expanding bulkhead and beefed up foot peg system though. But really it's the versatile hull design of this low-deck, low-volume (60-gal) eddy-slicing machine that'll boost your fun levels back to forgotten levels with its slalom-boat-like agility and surfing ease.

What else do you say about the RPM? Check out a few extra factoids we dug up, and then scour your local shop and forum, or head to Backcounty.com or Amazon.com to claim one of these last remaining Limited Edition versions of the revived legend. — DS


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RPM 9.0 Limited
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