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Axiom 8.0

$999 in rotomolded plastic
L: 8'; W: 24.5"; 34.5 lbs.; 51 gals.
Designed to reward dynamic paddling, the Axiom features lower volume in the rear of the kayak for outstanding surfing ability combined with increased bow volume for comfort and control. The Axiom 8.0 offers a roomier cockpit and more volume than the 6.9 for small to mid-sized paddlers.

Nomad 8.5

$979 in rotomolded plastic
L: 8'5"; W: 26.5"; 46 lbs.; 78 gals.
If records were made to be broken, the Nomad was made to break them. The world's ultimate creeker has been the kayak of choice for dominating outrageous rivers and descents. With great speed, rock-solid stability, easy rolling, and agile maneuverability, it handles big water or downriver bombing with ease.

Axis 10.5

$799 in rotomolded plastic
L: 10'6"; W: 28.5"; 50 lbs.
The versatile Axis is designed to transition seamlessly from flatwater to moving water, like lakes, rivers, or intercoastal waterways. Ideal for the seasoned paddler who does it all, or the beginner with a taste for adventure. Inspired design gives energetic performance without compromising stability, initial or on edge.

Alchemy 14.0 L

$1,299 in rotomolded plastic
L: 14'; W: 24"; 54 lbs.
Features the stability that's suitable for new paddlers, but with performance edging and turning capabilities ready for advanced skill levels. With enough storage and speed for an extended weekend excursion, it's time to grab your gear and get moving. Deeper and wider cockpit, with more foot room for larger paddlers.

Mamba 8.0

$949 in rotomolded plastic
L: 8'; W: 26"; 44 lbs.
Discover whitewater or take your skills to the next level. Take big trips, surf it, spin it, or set up that horizon line. It's easy to roll, has crisp edging, and offers excellent hull speed and stability to blast down hardcore rapids with comfort and confidence. Also available with Creeker outfitting.