$1,299 in rotomolded polyethylene
L: 15’8″; W: 23″; 54 lbs.
Touring, British: The Squamish is a sporty roto boat that excels in touring performance. It represents a fresh approach to this category and appeals to kayakers looking for a fun, easy-to-use, performance sea kayak for day paddling and short trips. Skeg comes standard.


$3,999 in fiberglass
L: 21’8″; W: 32″; 92 lbs.
$4,599 in Kevlar, 89 lbs.
Touring, North American: The Libra XT is perfect for tandem expeditions or family outings with its safety, seaworthiness, comfort, carrying capacity and quality construction. The center cockpit area can accommodate a child, or carry a ton of gear for the most luxurious adventure.


$3,199 in fiberglass
L: 15’6″; W: 22″; 45 lbs.
$3,599 in Kevlar, 41 lbs.
Touring, British: The Willow is designed for smaller paddlers who want a quick, responsive kayak with an extra degree of stability. It’s an ideal choice for paddlers seeking to take their skills to the next level in a responsive, easy-to-handle day kayak. Skeg comes standard.


$3,199 in fiberglass
L: 16’9″; W: 22″; 48 lbs.
$3,599 in Kevlar, 44 lbs.
Touring, British: This magnificent kayak features modest rocker for maneuverability and performance in open seas. It’ll excite paddlers looking for a non-entry level day-tripper and amaze sea kayakers embarking on trips to remote destinations. Skeg comes standard.


$3,199 in fiberglass
L: 17’9″; W: 22″; 52 lbs.
$3,599 in Kevlar, 48 lbs.
Touring, British: The Infinity is a large expedition sea kayak for British design aficionados. A raised deck is roomy enough to comfortably accommodate larger paddlers and the spacious hatches will hold enough gear for any expedition you have in mind. Skeg comes standard.