ClearWater Design Ian CrerarHow did you start paddling? I've been on the water my whole life. My father and I built a canoe in our basement when I was a kid, and we took it on canoe-camping trips all over Ontario. I'm entirely self-taught in paddling, design and business. Everything I've learned comes from hands-on experience.

Describe your design philosophy. Simplicity and cleanliness below the waterline.

What's your favorite place to paddle? The lakes of Northern Ontario. There's no place better.

What's your favorite ClearWater design? Oh, that's like picking a favorite child! Just like kids, they all have strengths and weaknesses and unique character. I really can’t choose.

How have you influenced boat design? I don't claim to have influenced anyone…not even my wife!

Describe your design process. I guess you'd call it old school. I use plywood stations and cedar stringers to flesh out the basic shape. Then I test the boat on the water, and refine until I feel that I've got it right.

What's your favorite thing about designing boats? I enjoy running my hands across the shape as it is coming together. A boat is as much an aesthetic entity as it is a functional one. When you have designed something pleasing to see and at the same time works, you have succeeded.

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