Liquidlogic/Native Watercraft: Liquidlogic started in 2000 as a dream on the banks of the nearby Green River Narrows. Together with sister brand Native Watercraft, the company now offers a full range of kayaks for everything from fishing to whitewater. This year Liquidlogic debuts the Flying Squirrel ($900 plus shipping,, a new creekboat model named for the signature move in the entrance to the Green's best-known rapid, Gorilla. The design builds off the speedy hull profile of the company's popular Remix creeker, with extra bow rocker and deck volume. For paddlers who fish, Native's Redfish 12 Angler ($740, combines stability and easy handling with a fish-ready deck layout. Sixty-five employees, most of them paddlers, fuel Native and Liquidlogic's new production facility just south of Asheville.

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