NEMO Bugout

NEMO Bugout. Photo by Aaron Schmidt


"Ahhhhhh, go away you stupid bug!" Paige shrieks and flails her arms, lurching the canoe to one side. Then come the words I've dreaded since the insects began swarming at the put-in: "I want to go home!" Two hours into a five-day trip around B.C.'s Bowron Lakes and my 9-year-old daughter is already losing her mind. I smile sympathetically, talk her back from the edge and the moment our bow touches the beach, I race to set up by NEMO Bugout, a tarp with water resistant bug netting draped off the sides. Genius. Paige dives into the refuge, and I exhale. We're going to make it after all. At dinner the adults pile in to escape the swarms and eat in peace. And, later in the trip, when a thunderstorm turns to sideways rain we watch it from the dry confines of the tarp, sheets of water running down the netting. In all the years since, Paige hasn't ever asked to come home early again. — Ryan Stuart

Bugout Tarp

Bugout Tarp

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