$945 / $960, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 17.5'; W: 23"; D: 12-13.5"; 39 lbs.
Our best-selling boat. The sweeping curves of her multi-chine hull and cambered deck make an efficient and attactive ride for a novice or an experienced paddler. Magazine review: "The Coho is my hands-down favorite, the combination of light weight and superb handling make this a wonderful boat."

$889 / $904, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 17'; W: 23"; D: 12-13.5"; 38 lbs.
Winner Sea Kayaker 2005 Readers Choice Award. She tracks well, carves leaned turns, and behaves herself well in wind and waves. Magazine review: "The hull design is top-notch, it combines superb rough-water handling, good tracking and turning, and outstanding surfing ability for a touring kayak."

$815, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 14'; W: 23"; D: 11"; 32 lbs.
Her low wetted surface and low drag give her excellent cruising speed. Great for light touring and surf. Magazine review: "The Arctic Tern 14 is a godsend for smaller boaters. Its shallow cockpit design, nimble handling, and light weight are coupled with straight tracking and good speed.'

$995, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 17'; W: 25.5"; D: 13"; 43 lbs.
Our NEW Borealis XL design combines the raked bow and stern and sweeping sheer line of a Greenland-style kayak, with the performance and beauty of our famous multi-chine hulls. Designed for paddlers weighing 230-300 lbs. Her extra large 19"x36" cockpit provides the ease of entry that bigger paddlers need.

$889, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 13'; W: 25.5"; D: 13"; 34 lbs.
Our NEW Pinguino Sport. Her shorter length, larger cockpit, and greater stability combine with quickness and light weight—perfect for fishing, photography, and messing about. Magazine review: At Skookumchuck tidal rapids she was, "one of the best wave performers of the two surf sessions."

$936, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit.
L:17.5'; W: 22"; D: 12″; 38 lbs.
The Osprey HP has a round multi-chine hull, narrow width and long 16'7" waterline for a high top speed and low wetted surface. She is a seaworthy, exceptionally strong-tracking, high performance kayak recommended for recreational racing and touring.

$929, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 15.75'; W: 24" D: 12"; 38 lbs
The Osprey Std continues to be one of our top-selling kayaks thanks to her strong-tracking hull and sophisticated multi-chine design. Magazine review: "One of the most comfortable boats I've ever paddled. I felt secure in it immediately … I paddled over 10 miles and felt like I'd hardly done any work."

$759, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 13'; W: 22"; D: 10.5″; 26 lbs.
Designed for petite women up to 5'3" and 120 lbs. With low wetted surface and the same waterline length as our Tern 14, keeping pace with stronger paddlers is a breeze. Light, quick and designed to turn well, and track solidly. At 26 lbs., car topping and portaging is a cinch.

$1,229 / $1,314, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 20'; W: 30″; D: 13.5″; 60 lbs.
Weighing only 60 lbs., these Ospreys are a pleasure to paddle and easy to load. Her 30" beam holds you steady in rough water. The Triple's a great choice for families, or those that like to bring the dog. She can also be paddled solo in trim from the center cockpit.

$1,229, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit
L: 17′; W: 35"; 60 lbs.
Designed for extended wilderness travel, the Taiga tracks nicely and displays good manners in a variety of conditions. Magazine review: "The finished product draws admiring stares … and it handles well on the water too. Final stability is outstanding. In strong wind and waves, the hull felt reassuring and secure."