Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of North Shore Sea Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.


Polar-$3,199 in fiberglass, L: 16’9″; W: 21.5″; 53 lbs. Polar HV-$3199 in fiberglass, L: 17’5″; W: 22″; 55 lbs.
The expedition-capable Polar is loosely based on southwest Greenland form, with hard chine and noticeable rocker, the hull is quick yet very responsive to edging for maneuverability and course correction. A clipper bow gives a dry ride and the retractable skeg keeps you on track in quartering seas.


Atlantic LV-$3,199 in fiberglass, L: 15’11”; W: 22″; 47 lbs. Atlantic-$3199 in fiberglass L: 16’11”; W: 22″; 54 lbs.
The Atlantic and Atlantic LV (aka Shore Line) are every inch contemporary sea-touring kayaks. The combination of shallow-V hull and soft chine provides the perfect blend of speed, responsiveness and predictability-characteristics to boost confidence in the less experienced and to push the more experienced into challenging conditions.


$4,249 in fiberglass, L: 20′; W: 25.5″; 79 lbs.
This high performance double has characteristics that match those of its single namesakes. This combination of confidence-inspiring stability and high cruising speed makes it a fantastic double for any length of trip. The Atlantic II is a true paddler’s double.


Atlantic LV RM-$1,499 in polyethylene, L: 15’11”; W: 22″; 47 lbs. Atlantic RM-$1499 in polyethylene, L: 16’11”; W: 22″; 54 lbs.
The long awaited plastic version of this great modern sea kayak, featuring the same great blend of speed, responsiveness and predictability as its composite namesake. Its tough RM shell and unique design features make this one of the safest and best-value plastic sea-touring kayaks currently available.


Aspect LV RM-$1,299 in polyethylene, L: 14’3″; W: 23″; 48 lbs. Aspect RM-$1299 in polyethylene, L: 14’9″; W: 23.5″; 50 lbs.
An all-new kayak for paddlers seeking something a little shorter. A combination of modest beam and maximized waterline ensures speed. The moderately soft chine and shallow-V hull provide predictability and responsiveness. Take it touring, fishing, fitness paddling, and rock-hopping-anywhere a full-length sea kayak might feel awkward or unnecessary.