2010 Star Series
$1,199 (Elite/Crosslink); $1,049 (Superlinear)
Star: L: 5'6"; W: 24.25"; All-Star: L: 5'10"; W: 25.75; Super Star: L: 6'1.5"; W: 27"; Mon-Star: L: 6'4.5"; W: 28.25"
The new Stars totally dominated the 2009 World Freestyle Kayak Championships, taking four of five possible gold medals and 11 of 15 total medals. With four sizes, anyone can take advantage of the Stars' shorter but looser and faster hull and unique deck design for the ultimate in playboat performance. Available in Elite and Superlinear versions.

2010 Fun Series
$1,199 (Elite/Crosslink); $1,049 (Superlinear)
2Fun: L: 6'2.5"; W: 24.125"; Fun: L: 6'6"; W: 25.25; 4Fun: L: 6'9.5"; W: 24.375"; Super Fun: L: 7'1"; W: 27.5"
All new for 2010, the Funs advance the river-running/play genre to a totally new level. More comfortable, greater hull speed, and more playful than ever. The best way ever to squirt and cartwheel down a river! Available in three sizes in Elite and Superlinear versions.

Journey SERIES
Rudder/$1,299, No Rudder/$1049
13: L: 13'1"; W: 24″; 14: L: 14'; W: 24.5"
Jackson's first touring model has an advanced design reflecting decades of experience. Available in two sizes, the Journey offers confidence-inspiring stability and tracking for beginners, and the speed and on-edge carving seasoned tourers demand. Comes with three hatches, fit-adjustable seating, solid thigh braces and optional Smart Track rudder/footbrace.

All Water SERIES
AW9: L: 9'4"; W: 25.75; AW10: L: 10'; W: 27.5
The All Water is for those who want to paddle in a wide variety of conditions. Skeg down, it offers tracking and speed for lakes or river flats. Skeg up, it's ready for whitewater or tight streams. Comes with stern hatch, bulkhead, Jackson seating and thighbraces. Available in two sizes.

Dynamic Duo
$1,599 (Elite/Crosslink); $1,299 (Superlinear)
L: 12'; W: 26.5
Because some things are more fun with two people. The Dynamic Duo makes tandem paddling possible for beginners and experts alike. Take out friends and family in this stable, easy to paddle, easy to roll comfortable kayak. Available in Elite and Superlinear.