Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Hurricane Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.


$899, Trylon (thermoformed abs plastic)
L: 11’6″; W: 28″; 35lbs.
The Santee 116 Sport handles like the 116, but is 17 inches longer in the cockpit. You can fit fly rods, tripods and other tools of play in the boat with you. Even the right-sized dog. The 116 Sport has a rear Hurricane hatch with watertight bulkhead. Take lunch with you.


$1,349, Trylon
L: 14′; W: 23.5″; 42lbs.
We’ve improved the Tampico 140 S by moving the cockpit forward to create a more balanced ride and added volume to the deck, just forward of the cockpit. The 140 S features performance outfitting including an ergonomically contoured seat, thigh braces, and the Sonic back-band from Surf to Summit.


$1,595, Trylon
L: 16’5″; W: 22.75″; 48 lbs.
The Tracer 165 represents one of the strongest values on the market. Sleek, fast, and beautiful, it carves with precision and grace. The cockpit is outfitted for optimal performance. Bow and stern hatches with sealed bulkheads provide ample storage. Weighing only 46 lbs, it’s as light as most composite kayaks, with nearly the same performance level.


$949, Trylon
L: 14′; W: 28″; 52 lbs.
The Phoenix 140 ends sluggish sit-on-top paddling. The 28-in. beam and hull design cuts through water with amazing efficiency. Our Trylon material allows us to load the deck with cool features while keeping the boat light. Foot braces allow micro fitting and a large oval stern hatch means you have easy dry storage access.


$1,295, Trylon
L: 15’2″; W: 23″; 43 lbs.
Made for your workout, the Category 5 boasts a Swede-form hull: the widest part of this beauty is behind the cockpit, increasing the glide. A 19-inch cockpit leaves room for strokes and the pronounced keel means the Cateogory 5 doesn’t need a skeg or rudder to track. And the secondary chine amps stability. A fitness paddler’s dream.