Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe and Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Hobie Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our boat book.

Mirage Outfitter
$2,499 in super-linear roto-molded polyethylene
L: 12’8″; W: 34″; 72 lbs.
Built for two but also perfect for the solo kayaker. With a multitude of hatches, drink holders, pockets, utility trays and rod holders, you can take everything along for an organized, successful adventure.

Mirage Pro Angler
$2,399 in super-linear roto-molded polyethylene
L: 13’8″; W: 38″; Hull: 88 lbs., fully rigged 138 lbs.
A light, efficient, feature-filled fishing boat. Enjoy the effortless MirageDrive experience, leaving the fumes, noise and expense of gas-powered fishing behind. Awarded “Best of Show” at ICAST 2009.

$949 in super-linear roto-molded polyethylene
L: 13′; W: 28.5″; 57 lbs.
A compact, quick, stable hull built expressly for the dedicated fisherman. With two roomy hatch-covered compartments and a pair of built-in rod holders, you can bring along every lure, jig and reel in your collection.

Mirage Revolution
$1,749 in super-linear roto-molded polyethylene
L: 13’5″; W: 28.5″; 58 lbs.
Fast, maneuverable, loaded with utility. Deluxe cockpit keeps you dry while the streamlined hull delivers you to your favorite spots fast. Stylish and loaded with storage, this is the pinnacle of fun and function.

Mirage Sport
$1,549 in super-linear roto-molded polyethylene
L: 9’7″; W: 29.5″; 48 lbs.
Thanks to its innovative movable seat mount, this light and maneuverable kayak can adjust to fit almost anyone in your group. Whether you’re 4′ or 6′, the Mirage Sport has you covered.

Mirage Adventure
$1,899 in super-linear roto-molded polyethylene
L: 16′; W: 27.5″; 62 lbs.
This fast touring model offers chop-cutting speed and comfort, tracking precisely across your favorite body of water. Spacious dual cargo areas mean you can take everything you need on your next adventure.

Mirage i9S
$1,549 in PVC 1000 denier
L: 9′; W: 36″; 39 lbs.
Our smallest, lightest inflatable is perfect for those short on space and storage. Packed snugly in its rolling travel bag, you can take it wherever you go. Inflates and deflates quickly with supplied high-speed pump.

Mirage i12S
$1,799 in PVC 1000 denier
L: 12′; W: 36″; 53 lbs.
A comfortable 12′ single with storage to spare. From ocean to pond, marina to bay, the i12S is ready when you are. Rear cargo deck and bow-integrated dry bag. Optional sail package and plug-in cart.

Mirage i14T
$2,499 in PVC 1000 denier
L: 14′; W: 36″; 61 lbs.
The i14T takes you – both of you – anywhere you want to go. The speed of dual MirageDrives is the key to on-the-water performance. Just imagine the places this tandem can take you!