Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Delta Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

DELTA 12.10

Retail $1450.00. Thermoform
L: 12’10”; W: 25; H: 13.5″; 43 lbs.
A versatile and nimble day or weekend tripper that will impress any skill level of paddler. The Delta 12.10 boasts all the features and performance typically found on much longer sea kayaks.

DELTA 15.5

Retail $2200.00, Thermoform
L: 15’6″; W: 24.5″; H: 13″; 54 lbs.
The Delta 15.5 is a comfortable cruiser with huge stowage capacity for those longer trips. It handles the big water with heart and keeps pace with any of the longer boats.


Retail $2350.00. Thermoform
L: 16′; W: 22″; H: 12″; 50 lbs.
Available Skeg or Rudder. With two stowage and two day hatches the Delta 16 is the ultimate combination of convenience and performance for the small to medium sized paddler. At home in the surf and waves, the Delta 16 is a lightweight contender for the intermediate to advanced paddler looking for that “perfect” boat.


Retail $3195.00, Thermoform
L: 19’6″; W: 26.5″; H: 14″; 79 lbs.
This lightweight and manouvrable tandem has four bulkheads and three dry stowage compartments that make it an excellent choice for couples, families, explorers or tour operators. A true touring tandem, it has the ability to navigate tough conditions even when fully loaded.


Retail $1650, Thermoform
L: 12’6; W: 27.25″
Available with or without rudder. Catfish 12 – With its modified “Cat” amaran hull the Delta Catfish 12 effortlessly tracks and glides to it’s destination and provides rock solid stability. With unique features like the “Sea View” window the Catfish is sure to create a feeding frenzy in the SOT kayak arena.