Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Chesapeake Light Craft. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

Shearwater 14 Hybrid
$1,049 for complete kit (wood/epoxy/composite)
L: 14’6″; W: 23″; 39 lbs.
The CLC Shearwater kayaks are intended for performance paddling in all conditions. Available in three build-it-yourself sizes and available with cedar strip decks, these lightweight Greenland-style kayaks have sleek good looks and an excellent turn of speed.

Shearwater 17
$999 for complete kit (wood/epoxy/composite)
L: 17′; W: 22″; 44 lbs.
An absolutely stunning stitch-and-glue kayak kit, also available with a cedar-strip deck for more advanced builders. The Shearwater 17 has a West Greenland profile for responsiveness, speed, and handling in waves.

Shearwater Double
$1,299 for complete kit (wood/epoxy/composite)
L: 18’6″; W: 27″; 68 lbs.
A development of stitch-and-glue technology featured on the Shearwater singles. This is a compact double kayak with the speed and handling of many 21-foot doubles. Four watertight bulkheads and three storage compartments enhance expedition versatility.

Night Heron High Deck
$1,165 for complete kit (wood/epoxy/composite)
L: 18′; W: 20″; 40 lbs.
One of many popular strip-planked Nick Schade designs in our boat kit catalog. One of Nick’s Night Herons hangs in the Museum of Modern Art, but don’t build this boat for its looks—build it for the speed and surf performance.

Stitch & Glue Night Heron
$1,199 for complete kit (wood/epoxy/composite)
L: 18;’ W: 20″; 41 lbs.
One of the most advanced stitch-and-glue kayak kits ever. Sculptural lines for handling that will thrill the most discerning paddler, and an extravagantly detailed pre-cut kit by Chesapeake Light Craft.