Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Bic Sport. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

L: 9’10”; W: 31″; 50 lbs.; Max load: 264 lbs
The BIC Sport Bilbao is a versatile kayak for everyone from beginners to experts. Whether you’re exploring, diving or paddling with the kids, its design makes all activities comfortable and easy. The fluid hull shape provides a smooth ride, while the deck and extras let you carry loads with stability and safety. Its size and light weight make it easy to stow and transport.

L: 11’9″; W: 33.1″; 62.8 lbs.; Max load: 440 lbs
The Trinidad is built for leisure. Suitable for two adults and a child, it’s versatile and stable for all situations. Ergonomic seats offer reassurance far from shore, and its low-draught hull and rear storage area let you go farther, faster. The “Fishing” version has a special hull shape and fittings for anglers. It can also be fitted with a small electric motor.

HP: L: 10’9′; W: 35.4″; 22 lbs.; Max load: 242 lbs.; HP 2: L: 13’5′; W: 37.8″; 33 lbs.; Max load: 550 lbs.
Multiple materials reduce weight, a keel and high-pressure inflatable floor maximize performance (and keep you dry), and reduced wind resistance eases steering at sea. The result: a craft that’s lighter, performs better and gives a more comfortable ride than conventional inflatable kayaks. Folded down into a carry bag, they’re easy to carry and are fully inflated in minutes.

Lite 1: L: 10’9″; W: 35.4″; Max load: 242 lbs.; Lite 2: L: 13’5″; W: 37.8″; Max load: 550 lbs.
Borrowing design features from the HP – including polyurethane bladders, Dacron sleeves and multi-tube bottom – the Lite is aimed at easy coastal paddling and inland waters. Suitable for all skill levels, it’s stable, strong and lightweight, making it the ideal way to get on the water during your holidays. Folded down into its storage bag, it’s also simple to transport.

ACS Padded SUP 11’4”
$, ACS deck pad
L: 11’4.125″; W: 2″; Max load: 34.17 lbs.
With unique volume distribution, a classic longboard hull shape and well-balanced rocker template, the ACS makes stand-up paddling easy for everyone, including larger riders. It’s easy to balance on in flat water, while still allowing ample control and maneuverability for wave riding. Comes standard with built-in carry handle and deck grip. A great shape with the unbeatable durability of ACS technology.