Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe and Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Advanced Elements Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.


$330 in Polyester/PVC
L: 8’4″ W: 34″, 23 lbs.
The Lagoon 1™ is so unique that you will have complete strangers asking questions about it. Its bow and stern have fixed rigid forms that help cut through the waves and keep you on course. It has an inner tube cover for increased rigidity, durability and performance.

$450 in Polyester/PVC
L: 10’5″ W: 32″, 36 lbs.
The AdvancedFrame™ is a hybrid of a folding frame kayak and an inflatable kayak. Its bow slices through water like a knife and rivals the trackability of hard-shell kayaks. The stern acts as a skeg, increasing the tracking performance. It is compact enough to take along on a weekend adventure.

AdvancedFrame™ Convertible
$660 in Polyester/PVC
L: 15′ W: 32″, 56 lbs.
The AdvancedFrame™ Convertible is a fifteen foot kayak that can be paddled solo or tandem. With the optional single or double decks you can convert it into a solo or tandem kayak in a matter of seconds. This design incorporates the rigid bow and stern frame for maximum performance.

$550 in PVC/polyester
L: 9’8″ W: 35″, 34 lbs.
The StraitEdge™ Inflatable Kayak is the first inflatable sit-on-top to incorporate an aluminum bow and stern frame for improve tracking in open water conditions. The hull design is similar to a hardshell sit-on-top kayak, yet it can be packed away into its duffel bag and paddled in most remote locations.

$800 in PVC/polyester/Aluminum
L: 13′ W: 25″, 32 lbs.
The AirFusion Kayak is designed to rival the performance and speed of skin-on-frame kayaks while simplifying the set up procedure. Its unique design is a fusion of aluminum alloy frame poles and pressurized air tubes which result in a high-performance rigid frame system. Portability is no problem with this kayak.