After tinkering with tin cans and a mess of other commercially-available stoves, inventor Mikhail created the Emberlit stove. It's basically seven pieces of metal: four sides, a bottom, and two small pieces that cross over on the top and create a stable place to put a pot. That's it.

It slides together easily, and the workmanship is excellent. The pieces are obviously tumbled in deburring stones as the edges are kind to the fingers. This is not always true of commercially available bio-stoves. The whole thing folds and slips into its own thin, nylon case (with Ikea-like graphic instructions on the outside).

The best fuel for these stoves are smaller sticks with a diameter between a pencil and your pinky finger, small pine cones, and dried grasses twisted into little bundles. Bleached white driftwood is amazingly good fuel. You don't have to fit everything in the stove opening; let the pieces hang out of the supply port and push them in as they burn.

There are two small slots in the sides of the Emberlit to allow you to insert a Trangia alcohol burner, which is a simple and brilliant modification. The smaller titanium model also has a small shelf that places an Esbit tablet the perfect distance from your pot, about an inch and a half below the bottom.

It's not particularly fast for boil times, but so what? It weighs nothing and works great. You won't find a lighter, more compact stove.

Trangia Methanol Cup:
Water baseline temperature of 61 degrees.
Rolling boil at 7:23.

Esbit Tablet:
Water baseline temperature of 63 degrees.
Rolling boil at 6:56.

Wood Test:
Water baseline temperature of 62 degrees
Rolling boil at 6:09.

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