T-700 carbon shaft
Fiber glassed Black Willow blades Weight: 28oz
MSRP $279.95

Bending Branches’ Navigator kayak paddle delivers beauty, light weight and durability. Its balanced blades, made of black willow wood, provide unique flex and a smooth pull through the water. A high-tech T-700 carbon shaft makes it both durable and lightweight, reducing fatigue. Bending Branches’ proprietary Rockgard(r) material protects the blades’ leading edge, and each blade is reinforced with fiberglass to provide strength and durability uncommon in most lightweight paddles.

T-700 carbon shaft
Palm Grip; Weight: 15oz
MSRP $169.95

Combining years of craftsmanship with a state of the art composite technology, the Sunburst is a dream to paddle. From fiberglass-reinforced, Rockgard(r)-tipped blade to ovalized T-700 Carbon shaft to ergonomic grip, this paddle is designed with the canoe elitist in mind. Also offered in XL, for those who are looking for more power.

Solid Black Willow shaft
Black Willow blade
Freestyle Grip; Weight: 18oz
MSRP $109.95

Beauty meets performance in this all Black Willow paddle. With full Rockgard(r) protection and a fiberglass blade wrap, this is our lightest wood paddle of all. Offered in straight or bent models.

21 Laminate Basswood shaft
Basswood, Black Willow, Alder, Butternut blade; Weight: 21oz
MSRP $119.95

Exotic and eye-catching paddle with a narrow ovalized shaft and ergonomically designed grip that fits smaller hands comfortably. The 11 laminate blade delivers smooth power to every stroke. Offered in straight or bent models.

12 Laminate Basswood shaft
Basswood, Alder, Maple blade; Weight: 22oz
MSRP $79.95

America’s #1 selling bent shaft paddle offers flat water cruising performance for the paddler wishing to take that next step up. As with all Bending Branches products, this paddle is made in the USA.