Anchorage, AK

Kenai Drifter KD12X24
L: 12′; W: 6′; 95 lbs
The KD 12×24 has huge 24″ tubs that taper to 15″ ends. The Kenai Drifter series have tapered tubes and lots of rocker the self bailing air floor fallows the curve of the tubes making the KD series respond more like drift boats than river rafts.

390SB Self bailer
L: 13′; W: 6’2″; 108 lbs
The Self bailing SB series of river rafts are available in 12′, 13′, 14′ 15’6″ and 16’3″ sizes. These rafts Feature 4000D floors, 14 D-Rings and 6 handles. Full warp models are available.

L: 13′; W: 6’1″; 90lbs
The 390TDS Sportsman is a real work horse, with 3″ drop-stitch floor, 4000D bottom, full wrap tubes and 1500 pounds capacity. This versatile raft can be paddled, rowed or motored with up to 6HP. Like all Alaska Series we build this boat with Clifton adhesives and triple over lap seams

Kenai Drifter KD14x26
L: 14′; W: 7’4″; 128lbs
The KD14x26 has 26″ tubes that taper to 15″ on the ends. The Perfect size to paddle raft 7 people or camp 4. All Kenai Drifter Series have 4000D bottom, semi full wrap tubes, 14 D-rings, 6 lift handles and unbeatable performance.

Kenai Drifter KD16X26
L: 16′; W: 8′; 156 lbs
The KD16x26 has 26″ tubes that taper to 20″ on the ends. This Drifter will carry a lot of people and gear down the river with room, capacity and agility to spare. This is a true commercial work boat. Also available KD18x26