AT Odyssey-1

Adventure Technology Odyssey Glass Ergo

($300, pictured. $225, straight shaft. )

AT's journey to deliver kayak touring's most versatile paddle leads to the Odyssey, a two-piece that blends performance and durability sure to find a lasting place in any paddler’s quiver. The versatility starts with a slight and simple, yet well-thought ferrule clasp which allows paddlers both to adjust paddle length (up to 5 cm), and to select any feather angle. The Ergo's contoured grip aligns wrists for balanced strokes while the smooth feel belies the strength and rigidity of a carbon-blend shaft. At 35 ounces for the tested 230-cm version, serious distance paddlers may opt to shed weight, but the Odyssey's sweet spot is in shorter transits anyway; its light and sleek fiberglass blades add surface area to catch more water than the average slimmed-down touring stick. That faster catch fits larger bodies and beamier boats well, or folks simply looking for more purchase and response from their strokes. Kayak anglers who need that extra reach for heavier rides should check out the new Angler version of the Odyssey, while high-mileage fanatics can opt for the all-carbon version that adds an additional $100 to the price tag to shed 4 ounces.

 Here's a techy breakdown of the new Adjustable Ferrule System on the Odyssey Glass

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