Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak

The demand for pack rafts is exploding, thanks to their light weight that lets users haul them over hill and dale and then paddle home. Longtime IK maker Advanced Elements gets its feet wet in the game with the new the PackLite Kayak, weighing a your-grandma-could-carry-it 4 lbs. Designed as a compact, ultra-light kayak for paddling in remote locations, it comes with three chambers for safety, Twistlok militarystyle valves for easy inflation, and packs down to a diminutive 11"x11"x5" package for the long haul. Bonus: its mesh carry bag doubles as an on-deck gear bag.

Note: This review is part of a special product preview series. Some items may not be available at this time. Please check with manufacturer for more information.

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