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Carbon Foam Core


Straight Shaft 23oz $380

Bent Shaft 25oz $460

The Elite represents Accent’s most noteworthy employment of advanced engineering principles and research-proven materials. It begins with a high density solid foam core. The core is then layered in carbon and fiberglass. We use Dynel edging to ensure maximum outer rim reinforcement. A rib-less back provides silent water displacement making this paddle the ultimate in technology, efficiency and performance.


Fiberglass Foam Core


Straight Shaft 28oz $225

Bent Shaft $305

Hand crafted advanced foam core construction with Dynel edging for outer rim reinforcement. A smooth rib-less back provides silent water displacement for a stealth-like cadence. The buoyancy of these blades act to give the paddle a lighter weight-less feel to assist in paddling efficiency.


Translucent Fiberglass


Straight Shaft 28oz $255

Bent Shaft 30oz $335

The Clearwater Series is constructed using a tri-axial weave fiberglass which increases torsional stiffness while reducing longitudinal flexibility. The NASA grade material has 3 distinct planes giving you a blade with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. The clearwater delivers Low Swing Weight, high strength for optimal performance.


Weight 26 oz. $219-249

The Accent Paddles SUP blade the “Ride” is modified teardrop outline with parallel sides and a smooth dihedral combined to make a very stable blade when you apply a full power stroke. The “Ride” blade itself is thicker than most SUP paddles on the market for increased edge durability as well as helping to protect the rail of your board by spreading the impact of an edge strike over a larger surface area. The combination foam core fiber glass blade, carbon shaft along with a molded palm grip make a very strong durable paddle.




Straight Shaft 32oz $279

Bent Shaft 35oz $380

The Diamond Series is constructed using only the finest materials available. Each blade is made using continuous weave carbon fiber over a narrow high density foam core. These blades are constructed using high pressure compression molding technology allowing for the ultimate light weight paddle.