Towards the end of April, on a warm, sunny day, I made the spring rite of passage into "summer” by taking the pogies and fleece hat out of my paddling kit for the season. They are now tucked away with my extra thick fleece socks and carefully cleaned drysuit.


prAna’s Isma top is made from recycled materials; photo by Karin McDowell

As the temperatures finally start to rise and I get ready for another season working on the water, it's time to start assembling my summer paddling kit. Here are a few of the things I can't live without this summer.

prAna bathing suit. For many years I've worn prAna bathing suits because they last, they're comfortable, and they're nice to look at. Last year I started wearing their swim tights, which are awesome for kayaking. Their swim skirt is comfortable and made from recycled materials. No need for an extra pair of shorts when you're in this cute and flirty suit!

Some prAna suits are also made using recycled material. Photo by

Some prAna suits are also made using recycled material. Photo by Karin McDowell

Badger Lavender Sunscreen. Sunscreen that doesn't smell like coconuts, has all natural ingredients, and packs a zinc oxide punch? Count me in. Badger has several different scents for sunscreen, and my dad's dermatologist girlfriend has given me the thumbs up for this brand being top quality in protecting your epidermis.

Astral Flip Flops. Astral's new Rosa sandals for this year are a dream comes true. Run around town in them as regular flip flops or thread the included webbing through the back for extra support on the water.

Astral's Rosa Flip Flops are available in 4 stylish colors

Astral’s Rosa Flip Flops are available in 4 stylish colors

Electrolyte tablets. I love Nuun's low sugar levels and subtle taste. When I have long days on the water, it’s nice to have something flavored to entice me to drink more water.

A cooler of beer at the take-out. The potential for this cooler is endless. Cut up some nice cheese the night before and bring crackers, or hard boil a few eggs and bring grapes. And don’t forget the libations. Having cold beer and a snack waiting for you at the car can turn an amazing day into a legendary one.

What’s in your gear bag this summer? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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The author out enjoying some summer whitewater. Courtesy Annabell Plush

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