ComPack Chair Kit: $49.95

Now, Cascade Design recently introduced the ComPack Chair Kit, which is a redux of their bomber, Trekker Lounge. The ComPack came out recently with CD's Neo-Air line that radically streamlined their inflatable tech, which is their expertise. You can run the chair kit with either the Neo Air pads or the original.
I found the ComPack to be a sloppy fit with either style mattress, and while it was still functional, I prefer the heavier Trekker Lounge. Either way you slice it, having a double tasking chair/pad is good stuff. What's intrinsically cool with this concept, light or regular version, is the pad folded double on the bottom gives a nice bit of elevation along with massive cush. Stows nicely behind cockpit. More than a seat, it's a great rocker too; that's primarily how I use it.