Photo: Bramble Outdoors.

Photo: Bramble Outdoor.


The folks at the California-based outdoor start-up Bramble have done it. They've taken that microfiber pack towel that's probably sitting forgotten on your gear shelf and turned it into an item you'll want for nearly every paddling adventure. The trick? They increased the size from washcloth to full-fledged towel while keeping it lightweight (8 oz.) and compactable. The Bramble Camp Towel will dry you after a surf at the play park and it'll provide enough coverage to change back into your civilian clothes in the parking lot. On a multi-day canoe or raft trip, it'll give you a place to lounge in the sand. We've even used it as a tablecloth for some bonus campsite ambiance; with six groovy color patterns available, it’s clear Bramble doesn’t skip in the design department. Plus a portion of proceeds go to environmental causes. So go ahead…Bramble on.


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