25 Days of Gear: Pakpod

A lightweight tripod for compact travel, the Pakpod is great for smaller cameras and POV rigs.


Versatility is what this little unit is all about. Built to withstand cold and wet environments, the lightweight Pakpod is great choice for photographers looking for a compact travel tripod. It features independent leg adjustments for use in varied terrain and fee with adjustable metal spikes for securing into snow or sand. Equipped with a standard 1/4-inch tripod screw, the Pakpod can hold smaller cameras and POV rigs. We wouldn't recommend it for continued use with heavier SLRs but it would work in a pinch if the legs were not fully extended and tied down for extra stability. The Pakpod legs extend to a max length of 17.75 inches with the whole unit weighting just under one pound.

($99, pakpod.com)

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